Obsessed With The Ingredients In Your Food!
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Find Ingredients

Finding ingredient labels on food products is hard! Finding the UPC barcode is easy, simply scan the barcode and get a Super-Sized readable list of ingredients.

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Filter Ingredients

Want to stay away from certain ingredients? Great for Allergies - Health Conscious Shoppers - Religious Restrictions


Scan Barcodes To See Ingredients Fast

Spending too much time looking for the ingredients label? Only to find that the text size is too small to read in plain sight?

With iNgredients, simply scanning a UPC barcode will let you see those ingredients in a LARGE and readable format.


Profiles – Select The Ingredients You Want To Avoid

Simply enter your name and select the ingredients that you want to stay away from. Every time you scan a product, a report will let you know if those ingredients were found. Shopping for other people? Make Profiles for yourself, family members, coworkers, even your dog!


Linked Ingredients

Smart enough to know that cheese is also milk, and butter, and cream, and many, many more. Linked Ingredients are automatically connected as you begin adding ingredients!